Mylrea Stories

The cradle of the Mylrea clans is the Isle of Man. The name evolved from earlier cultures in other lands but for today's family historians, the Mylrea path leads directly back to this tiny island in the Irish Sea.

These Mylrea stories put flesh onto the bare bones of a date (say birth or burial) that so often is all that describes our ancestors who actually have a far more interesting tale to tell - William, born in 1627, whose descendants for eight generations gave service to the Manx people; Daniel born in 1750, the hero of the wreck of the troopship "Harpooner" in 1816; Thomas the tailor whose son Philip rode the early wave of Liverpool's fortunes while another son John started a bookshop and library in Douglas.

Please be aware that the stories are all works in progress, and some will never have the polish that they deserve simply because vital records have been lost. However, as new information comes to light, I will make adjustments.

ON SOME LONELY SHORE is the biography my great great grandfather, John Mylrea born in 1823, who was an early arrival in Australia and a pastoral pioneer in central Queensland. He is the reason I first dipped my toe into the waters of Mylrea family history and now find myself swimming in a marathon!


Mar 2019 UPDATED

Basil Mylrea, Mariner & Publican 1791-1865- main addition is more detail of the life of Basil's third son Philip


Early Mylreas in Michael 1500-1700 is an analysis of land records to map the existence of the Mylrea clan in Michael. Not all records have been digitised and the story might change considerably when the original records are accessed.

Nov 2018 - NEW STORY

The Mylreas of Canada tells of two Mylrea clans that made their way to Canada in the early 1900s, their respective stories made complex for family historians because each clan had a patriarch named Edward.


Ballacooiley descendants: I have recently found that John Mylrea born about 1680, was the steward of Ballacooiley, but died without issue in 1738 so his nephew Thomas, the son of William, inherited the estate. I'm currently revising everything on the site to reflect that circumstance.