MARY COOPER als Mc YLEREA 1702 Will German

[originally submitted by Joyce M. Oates to Brian Lawson]

Peel 1701/2

This is affirmed to be the last will and testament of Mary Cooper als Mcylerea, who departed this life about the 20th day of January 1701/2, in perfect mind and memory at the making thereof. First, she committed her soul to God and her body to Christian burial.

Item, she left a petticoat and shift to the poor.

Item, she left her brother William Mcylerea a blanket and 6 pence legacy.

Item, she left to Catharine Mcyelrea a red petticoat.

Item, she left to Jony Skillicorn a petticoat, a blue apron, a handkerchief, and coife.

Item, she left to Ann Gell als Cooper a linen hood.

Item, she left to Margaret Cooper a muslin hood and best handkerchief.

Item, she left to Ann Gell a petticoat and two aprons and a coife.

Item, she left to John Hutchin 14 pence.

Item, she left Emmy Johnson a coife.

Item, she left to her husband a black petticoat, a piece of stuff, a hood and her bodices.

And lastly, appointed her said husband her sole and true executor of all the rest of her goods moveable and unmoveable whatsoever.

Witnesses John Hutchin, Jony Skillicorn. The Executor sworn in form of Law.

Pledges to secure the office and pay all debts and legacies. John Hutchin and William Christian


  1. Second wife of William Cooper, married 1700. Cooper died 1702
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