Will - 1636 (Ballaugh)

In the name of God amen. I John Mc lerea sick in body while in sound [mind?] and of [perfect?] memory God be prayful for it do make this my last will and testament [in manner?] and form following:

First I devise and bequeath my soul to God and my body to Christian burial.

Item to the poor 3 half firlot malt and ½ a firlet wheat … ….. oatmeal and …. ….. …. at the discretion of my wife.

Item to [my sister?] Ellyne 3 firlet ..... corn in lieu of her part of the crop of corn in …. …..

Item I leave unto my wife all my [grounds?] until my legal son to be twenty-one years of age and her choice of the …..or ………. out of the whole.

Item to the parson one sheep or mutton.

.... my will is that if John Corlett my father in law do seek nothing ………… my executor then thereto seek nothing of him else if he come to .... .... ...any thing of them then I leave that he is to give them ... bowl ……….. and two bowls of barley excepting what was allowed him in the ... ... ... which now I cannot well remember what it was but …. ..... ......

Item Lastly I constitute my four children joint and [sole?] executors of all the rest of my goods moveable and immoveable

(a different script) Whereas 2 executors have died before the …. of the will and therefore whether ....... of late deceased the others ..... goods of the deceased.

Nicholas Thompson, Henry Cowley, Christian Garrett, Ellyn Illerea mother? of ......

..... & probatum est ..... solvit

Inventory before 24 days sub pena


  1. Ballacooiley
  2. John Mc Ylrea was the son of John Mylrea & Alice Gawn, and born about 1600 in Ballaugh
  3. John died 4th November 1636
  4. He was married to Margaret CORLETT and, although there is no surviving record of the marriage, when his sister Ellyn died, she named Margaret Corlett as her brother's wife in her will & John refers to his father in law, John Corlett
  5. Two of their four children died at much the same time John died: William (1/11) & Jane (30/11)
  6. Sister Ellyn died Dec 1636
  7. In another twist in the convoluted story of the Ballaugh Mylreas, Ellyn mentioned siblings & half-siblings with surname Mylrea and Cowley, suggesting her mother had remarried an individual named Cowley. However, her mother apparently remarried William Kewish (see Lib Vast 1618) - marriage register has not survived. However there is some evidence that her cousin's wife, Jaine Cannell married a Cowley. In 1643 a Thomas Cowley composed the Dollough lands because the heir at law (William) was under age. Additionally, a presentment attached to the 1644 will of Jaine Cannell, widow of John Mylrea of the Dollough, suggests that Jaine had married Thomas Cowley
  8. NOTE: A Thomas Mylrea was named father of an illegitimate child, Bessy, in 1644 in Ballaugh. No known candidate.

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