Will - 1736 (Braddan)

Douglas October 20 1736

Jane Higgin als McYlrey departed this life about the 17th of September last intestate whereupon the Court has decreed her son Philip Higgin sole administrator of all her goods and chattels whatsoever (Mr Edward Fletcher having relinquished his right) and the said Philip Higgin is sworn in Court in form of law and gave pledges Mr .... Curlett and Mr Peter Moore.

Decretum est

Solvit 2/7

John Woods, John Cosnahan

October 20 1736 Capt John Oats enters a claim agst the administrator of Jane Higgin for £1/-/-

March 2 1736 Mr Philip Moore jnr £4/13/11½

Item in his father’s behalf for £1/17/3

May 19 1737 Barbara Brownell £1/12/6 .....

October 18 1737 Mr John Murray for £60/-/-

Eod die Mr William Murray for £8/-/-

October 11 1737 Philip Higgin administrator desires notice ... taken of his claim for £20/-/-


  1. Jane was the daughter of Hen McYlroy & Amy McYlroy als Joyner als Watson
  2. She had two Joyner step-siblings: Robert & Alice
  3. Jane was under age when her mother died in 1689; her father died later in the same year
  4. Jane married Philip Higgin 1703. Higgin was a mariner and inherited cottage allotment in Douglas from his father who died in 1711 (#111, 3d rent)
  5. Jane inherited cottage allotment in Douglas from her mother Amy Mcylroy als Joyner als Watson who died in 1689 (#110, 4d rent)
  6. Higgin Children: Margaret (1704), William (1706), Jane (1708), Philip (1711)
  7. In 1730 Douglas: Philip & Jane Higgins, 1 child & 1 servant; Robert (widowed) alone; Alice (widowed) 1 child
  8. The Edward Fletcher mentioned in Jane's probate was the husband of daughter Jane (married 1733). The mention of only two of Jane's children would suggest the other two had died before 1736
  9. Jane was buried 17th September 1736, Braddan
  10. Son Philip married Elizabeth Peel 1741 (d1750), Mary Halt 1751 (d1761) then widow Sarah Merydew als Scott 1761 (Edward Fletcher was witness to this third wedding)
  11. Philip jnr had two daughters Mary & Jane
  12. Two burials of a Philip Higgin are recorded in the Braddan parish register, 1741 & 1769, likely to be Jane's husband and son
  13. In less than a century, Jané's little family was ""daughtered-out"

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1750-1 A 6 HIGGINS Elizabeth Peel; son Philip; dau Mary,Jane; husb Philip (house) exec

1770-1 A 3 HIGGIN Philip Douglas; eldest dau Mary (dwelling house wherein Patrick Tobin lives inc brick stable); dau Jane (own dwelling house); wife Sarah; will torn []Higgin one of execx daus died before probate

1785 A 5 FLETCHER Edward dated 11 nov 1784; Ballafletcher; gtgdau Carolina Lee; names Capt John Lee,John EdwardLlee,Wm + Edwd Callister; sister Mary Callister; names Sarah Quirk als Callister,Wm+Robt Kelly,Edwrd Callister;dr Patk Scott claims;

1785 A 6 ds FLETCHER Jane dated 14 mar 1785; widow capt Ed Fletcher; gtgch John Edward + Caroline Lane Lee;


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