JANE CORRAIGE als MYLREA Will 1655 Ballaugh

Copied from Joyce Oates' Archdeacon Wills 1655-1659 because it was embedded on p12 of a 543 page .pdf document

March 12th 1653 Ballaugh

The last will and testament of Jaine Mcylrea

first committed her soule to God and her bodie of Christian burial

It: left a firlett of corne to ye poore

It: she left to her sonne John Coraige all her pte of ye household stufe and her pte of ye oats yt was in his own hands

It: shee left to Jony Casement a wheele

It: shee constituted and ordained her daughter Margarett her true and lawefull executor of all ye rest of her goods whatsoever

pbat est et solvit

Testes Jo: Cowley, Jo: Corraige Jurati

Tho: Cowley hath past his word yt an inventorye shall bee brought in within 14 dayes sub pena duble value


  1. Burial recorded 18th February 1655 (recorded as 1654 in the old calendar)
  2. The most likely candidate for this woman is the daughter of Raynold Mc ilrea & Ellin Gawn, both of whom died in 1600 in Ballaugh
  3. The wills of Raynold & Ellin both mention, inter alia, a daughter named Jane who would have been born in the last decade or two of the 1500s
  4. A second candidate might be the daughter of John de Dollough who had a daughter Jane, baptised 1623-1624
  5. However, it is unlikely to be the daughter of John de Dollough since her daughter Margaret was of age to nominated as executrix, meaning at least 14 years of age. If Margaret were born 1641, then Jane either had the child when she was still in her teens (not unreasonable) or Jane belonged to the earlier generation of Mylreas and could be the great aunt of William, John, Thomas & Ellin as a sister of John de Dollough
  6. Her surname might be Cowley, Corriage, Cowin - Cowley seems the most likely given that Thomas Cowley promised to submit an Inventory of Jane's goods
  7. A Thomas Cowley compounded for the Dollough estate on behalf of William Mylrea in 1643 - a relative - 2nd husband of Jane Cannell, widow of John who died 1636?

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