ISABLE McYLROY als JOYN 1713 Braddan

KK Braddan

The last will and testament of Isable McYlroy als Joyn who departed this life the 29th January 1713 being in good and perfect mind and memory at the making thereof. First she committed her soul to God and body to Christian burial. Item She left to her daughter Isabel McYlroy the best of her woollen and linen apparel with a riding hood. Item She left to her daughter Margaret Brew als McYlroy 2 petticoats the one striped? and the other coloured with some wearing linens and an apron. Item She left to her son William McYlroy 10s and so much serge as will .. him a coat. Item All the rest of her worldly effects of what nature soever she left and bequeathed to her dear husband John McYlroy whom she constituted her executor.

Witnesses Thomas McYlroy, Ellinor Stole ] jurati

Probatum est et solvit 12d

Pledges Thomas Creer and John Key? in form of law


  1. Buried 27th January, 1713 (ISABELL MEYLROY)
  2. Children "best guess": Margaret (b1681), Robert (b1684-1684), Jony (b1685), William (b1690), Issable (b1693)
  3. Could she be the daughter of Margaret Crellin als Tear who died 1689?

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1689-2 A w CRELLIN Margaret TEAR dated 17 Jan 1689/90; gch Margt + Jony Macleriegh; sons Philip, Wm Crellin (6d ea); dau Isable Maclereigh exex

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