Will - 1675 (Marown)

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See regarding wife: Archdeacon Wills 1650 Presentment Braddan: Christian Cowin was a witness in the 1650 presentment Braddan Parish of Ellin Cowin als Cowley (husband William Cowin) who falsely accused Margery Creer als Quayle (husband Gilbert Creer) of sleeping with Ellin's husband and with Ellin's brother John Cowley (married, his children had recently had smallpox)

See: Braddan parish register: William McLarye buried 9 October 1628

See: Braddan parish register: Jo: McLery buried 15 July 1656

See: Braddan parish register: Gilbert McLerye buried 9 September 1657

See: Braddan parish register: Mariod Mclerea als Cunery buried 15 April 1659

See: Braddan parish register: Issable daughter of Jo: Malerye buried 20 March 1661/2

See: Braddan parish register: Katherine Coule als McLerye buried 8 October 1676

See: Braddan parish register: An Quaile als Malleray buried 31 January 1680/1

See: Braddan parish register: Henry Maclereigh de Duglas buried Kk Conchan 8 December 1689


K Marrown Decemr: ye 13th 1675

The Inventery of Hen: Mallareay praized by William Karran, Jo: Moore, Jo: Kewley & Tho Quillam sworne

In household stuff & corne .................. 00 - 04 - 03

The admynistrator at lawfull yeeres & ye goods in yr owne custody

Hen: Mallareay depted this lif intested about ye 29th of Nov: 1675 whereof the Court haveing intelligence have decreed her 2 children Joh: & David Mollerey Admynistrators & are to take ye goods into yr own custody

Decretu et solvit 4d

Solvo tamen etc


  1. Henry McLarye buried 28 November 1675 in Braddan
  2. Henry, together with Thomas and John Mallereigh all made their appearance of the Braddan property records of the mid-1600s. They might have been brothers, or cousins, or a man and his sons
  3. Not apparent why his will was dealth with in Marown
  4. Had sons David & John, and 1680 Articles of Marriage and subsequent marriage between a David McLerye & Margaret (Cowne) took place in Braddan
  5. Signatory to the 1689 Articles of Marriage was a Christian Mallarye als Cowne, who was buried in Braddan 20th February 1681 (1680 in old calendar)
  6. Possible Braddan baptisms for the children of son David & Margaret: Hen (MOLLEREIGH) 1685, Jo (MALLEREIGH) 1686, Richard (MALAREIGH) 1690. There is also a record of a burial in 1684 for "a child of David's". Margaret's will (1723) also mentions a daughter named Margaret
  7. Also in Braddan were two Mylrea women, both daughters of John: 3 Nov 1685 MALLEREIGH Margt (d/o John) married JOYNER Robt & 22 Jul 1689 MALLEROY Jane (d/o John) married KELLEY Richd. Thir mother was Catharine McYlroy als Moore & years later, when her will was proven, a statement appeared to the effect that her husband had left the island 40 years previously. This might have been the second son of Henry & Christian
  8. David's wife Margaret McYlroy died 1723 in Lonan and David died 1733 (the burial register records the location as Blondall which is a variation of the land where both children of David - daughter Margaret and son Richard - resided)
  9. Their daughter Margaret, Henry's grand daughter?, married Daniel Cowne in 1709
  10. Their son Richard, Henry's grand son?, married three times: Isabell Moore 1714, Ellinor Ffargher 1732, Mary Quark 1740. He died 1749 leaving nine children
  11. Lonan parish registers from the early 1700s have not survived in their entirety so extreme caution must be exercised when attempting to draw conclusions about these families and their relationships

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