Will - 1698 (Douglas)

At a Consistory Court held in Balna hown July 9th 1741

Catharine McYlroy als Moore of Douglas departed this life about forty-three years ago and her husband John McYlroy having left the island about forty years since and there being no account of him is looked upon to be deceased also and for as much as after searching made there is neither will nor decree upon either of them in the registrys they are therefore adjudged to have died intestate and whereas they had two daughters surviving viz. Margaret the wife of Robert Joyner and Jane the wife of Richard Killey both deceased, the Court decrees Charles Cosnahan who has a Deed of Gift of the effects of Robert Joyner the widower and executor of the said Margaret administrator of one half of the goods and chattels of John McYlroy and Catharine his wife and Richard Killey husband of Jane with the executors of the said Jane, administrators of the other half of the same Richard Killey with the executors of his wife being absent Charles Cosnahan is sworn in form of law to perfect an inventory, to pay the debts of the deceased and to be just to the co-administrators to which end he has given pledges viz Thomas Caine of KK Michael X, John Craine of Balna hown

Solvit 3/0

Decretum est

John Cosnahan, Edward Moore

Salvo tamen episcopoli jure


  1. Catharine McYlroy died c1698; her husband John left the island and was presumed dead
  2. Daughter Margaret MALLEREIGH married Robert Joyner 3rd November 1685, Braddan. Children Margaret (1686), Charles (c1693), Emma (1700)
  3. Daughter Jane MALLEROY married Richard Killey 22nd July 1689
  4. Margaret died 1729 & Jane in 1725
  5. In 1730 Douglas: Margaret's husband Robert (widowed) alone, Jane's husband Richard (widowed) with one child and one servant
  6. Probate of Catharine's estate was brought to Court approximately 43 years after her death. No information as to who her husband John was, but estimate he was born 1640s Catharine held property in her own right when she died, but both of her daughters had died by the time this Court hearing was held. Administration was handed to the two widowed husbands of Catharine's daughters, Robert Joyner and Richard Killey
  7. The Joyners (Robert & Margaret) might have been relatively wealthy. Robert inherited several allotments in Douglas from his father,William Joyner, and Margaret enjoyed a legacy of at least one allotment from her mother, Catharine. See for more detail from the1705 Survey of Douglas allotments involved [Margaret 12/15, 13/9, 16/05; Jane 16/04, 16/10]. The alloments were on Barrack St
  8. Curiously both Robert Joyner and his daugher-in-law Joney Joyner als Clukas received handouts for the poor in 1730 which seems counter intuitive since Robert settled property on his son and daughter in the preceding years
  9. Margaret's father was John McYlroy and her husband's step-father was Hen Mallereigh, so there's some prospect that these two men were related although no direct evidence

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