Articles of Marriage covenanted and agreed upon by and between Patrick Killip of the parish of Lonan and Isabella his wife forand in behalf of their daughter Jane Killip of the one party and William Mylrea of the said parish of Lonan of the other part.

First it is hereby agreed and unanimously agreed upon that said young couple namely William Mylrea and Jane Killip shall and will enter into the Holy Estate of matrimony within the space of one month of the date hereof God and his church permitting the same.

Secondly the said Patrick Killip and the said Isabella his wife do hereby give, grant, gift, sell and settle unto and upon his said daughter Jane Killip and her intended husband William Mylrea and their heirs and assigns all and singular a certain piece or parcel of land in the said parish of Lonan known by the name of Croit Baljeane part of the Quarterland of Baljeane in the said parish of Lonan now in the possession of me the said Patrick Killip with the houses, edifices and buildings thereon erected and all ways, waters and watercourses belonging thereto to have and to hold unto them the said William Mylrea and Jane Killip, their heirs and assigns from and immediately at and upon their intermarriage from thenceforward forever as his and their real indisputed right and property and free from the claim, challenge and demand of all and every person or persons whomsoever in consideration whereof the said William Mylrea and Jane Killip do hereby bind themselves, their heirs and assigns to pay or cause to be paid unto the other children of the said Patrick Killip namely Isabella, Ellinor and Sophia Killip, the sum of five shillings British for and during each of their natural lives also paying the further sum of two pounds and ten shillings British for and during the natural lifetime of my father John Killip as his right and interest in and to the said hereby granted premises and from thenceforward free from all or any mortgage or incumberance save and except the sum payable to the children of Patrick Killip aforesaid.

And for the true and faithful performance hereof the said parties do hereby bind and oblige themselves, their heirs and assigns each one unto the other in the penal sum of one hundred pounds British money to be paid and levied according to law.

As witness their names and marks the twentieth day of January in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight 1838. Patrick Killip, Isabella Killip her mark X, Jane Killip her mark X, William Mylrea

Signed and delivered in presence of Thomas Clague, Thomas Fargher

At Douglas 28 December 1844 Thomas Clague one of the witnesses to the execution of the foregoing instrument made oath on the Holy Evangelist that Patrick Killip, Isabella Killip, Jane Killip, William Mylrea the executing parties thereto duly executed the same in presence of deponent and of Mr Fargher the other witness Before me ..................

At a Court Baron holden at Ramsey 24 April 1845 the foregoing Deed having been captioned? By the magistrate and published in Court without objection is ordered to be recorded .............

[Ref: SSS May 1845 #52]


  1. Baldrine, Baljean, Mylrea's Terrace, Laxey
  2. William Mylrea jnr and Jane Killip were married in Lonan in 1838
    • William was the son of William Mylrea snr & Ann Fargher, and born 1811
    • Jane was the daughter of Patrick Killip & Isabella Moore, and born 1814
  3. Nine children: Ann (1838), Thomas (1841), Jane (1843), William (1845), Margaret (1848), Isabella (1850), William (1852), Isabella (1854), John (1857)
  4. William's father, William snr, was described at different times as a tailor, publican, hatter or farmer. He undertook his first land purchase in 1806, at the age of 26. He was also a publican of sorts because he was "presented" in 1808 for selling ale on a Sunday
  5. William jnr & Jane were quite prosperous by the end of their lives, and were able to leave houses and lands to their children. Unfortunately only 4 of their 9 offspring lived to adulthood. This prosperity must have been due in part to the land offered by Jane's parents in her Marriage Contract (Croit Baljean) which was mortgaged several times, and perhaps to William snr's early property dealings
  6. Their two surviving sons, Thomas & William, did not marry and lived with their parents until both parents died, in 1883 & 1879 respectively
  7. Their son William died not long after his father and the land left to him by his parents, Cronk ne Brace, was sold by his brother Thomas to Egbert Rydings & Hampton in 1889
  8. When Thomas died in 1893, he left his estate mostly to the families of his two sisters, Jane & Margaret
  9. The Mylrea family has several headstones in the Lonan Cemetery
  10. The deaths of the two adult sons without issue spelled the end of this line of Mylreas that reached back to Braddan of the early 1700s

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