PURCHASE - 1759 (German)

Know all men by these presents that I John Gell aforesaid with the full consent of my wife Ellinor Gell als Mylchryst divers good causes me hereunto moving but more especially for and in consideration of the of the full and just sum of one pound fifteen shillings current money of this Isle to me in hand paid by the Rev. William Mylrea aforesaid the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge have given, granted, passed over and sold and by these presents do give, grant, pass over and absolutely sell from me my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns to him the said William Mylrea his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the northwest corner angle of my estate Close Moar in KK German the southeast boundary thereof to be by a line to the southeast corner of Dawson of the Congary’s hedged to the south east corner of the gutter joining the highway as already marked and with half the road to the Congary aforesaid I subjecting myself to the other half thereof as already marked our and agreed upon the said corner or angle bounded on the north by the aforesaid William Mylrea’s land on the south by the new intended road to the Congary and on the west by said Dawson’s land with all easements, liberties and advantages to the said premises appertaining he the said William Mylrea paying yearly and every year the Lord’s Rent with all dues, suits and services annually incumbent on the premises and I the said John Gell do bind and oblige myself heirs, executors and assigns to awarrant and maintain the Rev. William Mylrea his heirs, executors and assigns the quiet and peaceable possession of the premises against the pretended title of any person claiming right to the same. For the true and faithful performance hereof I the said John Gell and Ellinor Gell als Mylchryst my wife do hereby bind and oblige ourselves heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty and forfeiture of twenty pounds to be levied and paid in the nature of all other fines. In testimony whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names or set our marks to our names this 19th day of December 1759. John Gell

Signed and delivered in presence of George Savage, William Gibboney 6th February 1750 the above named John Gell acknowledged the within and above Bill of Sale to be his proper and voluntary act and deed and also to be fully paid the consideration money therein mentioned. Before me Dan Lace

We the Setting Quest of KK German do proportion on the within Bill of Sale the yearly rent of one halfpenny as witness our names and marks this 9th May 1760. William Quirk my X, Hugh Shimin, Patrick Cowley my mark X, John Kaighin

At a Sheading Court holden at Peeltown the 12th May 1760 The beforegoing Bill of Sale being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same is therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. John Taubman, Basil Cochrane, Dan Lace, John Quayle, John Frissell, Dan Mylrea

[Ref: SSS May 1760 #7]


  1. William was the youngest surviving son of Daniel Mylrea & Lucy Parry, baptised 1722 in Ballaugh
  2. Married Ellinor Gell in Peel about 1755. Ellinor was an heiress whose father had died in 1743 (see below)
  3. William took holy orders, and was at various times Curate Andreas 1747-1754, Rector of Andreas 29/1/1760-1787, Rector of Bride 24/7/1754-1760, Archdeacon of Mann 17/6/1760
  4. He and Ellinor were recorded as having 13 children althought not all survived to adulthood. Of those who did:
    • Lucy b1756 married John Quayle
    • Daniel b1757 married Susannah Curphey and he followed his father's ecclesiastical path
    • Thomas b1758 was unmarried and an MHK in Ramsey
    • William b1760 was unmarried, a mariner who drowned 1787, probably during a slaving expedition
    • Cathrin b1768 married Robert Quayle and died after the birth of her first child
    • James b1770 was unmarried, a mariner who drowned 1794, probably during a slaving expetition
    • Basil b1771 was unmarried, a mariner who drowned, probably during a slaving expedition
  5. William died 1787
  6. Son Daniel followed in his father's footsteps and became a high ranking church official, and inherited the family estate. However, these lands were not the original Mylrea estate which had passed to William's older (and unmarried) brother who left them to his nephew Daniel (son of Thomas b1750) who promptly sold the lot
  7. William's will mentions lands in KK Patrick & KK German but only one purchase/sale contract survives. He & Ellinor also loaned money occasionally

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