THOMAS MYLREA from Hugh Cowin

PURCHASE - 1768 (German)

Know all men by these presents that I Hugh Cowin of Peeltown with the consent of my wife Ellinor Cowin als Shimin divers good causes and valuable considerations us hereunto moving but more especially for and in consideration of the full and just sum of five and twenty pounds good and lawful money currency of this Isle at, by and from the hands of Thomas Mylrea and William Cain both of KK German to be paid to us at the worshipful Deemster’s attestation

Have given, granted, bargained alienated, passed over and sold and by these presents do give, grant, bargain, alienate, pass over and absolutely forever sell from us, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns all the right, title, interest and property that we now have or hereafter may, might or ought to have unto a certain part or field of our tenement of the Quarterland of Corvalley viz that part of field thereof commonly called and known by the name of Glan Dew being situate in the said parish and adjoining the rent of John Kewley on the south to the highway on the north-west, to the rent of Thomas Quay on the north-east, to the rent of John Kaighan on the south, the premises being Lord’s land, unto them the said Thomas Mylrea and William Cain, their heirs and assigns equally between them

To have, hold, possess and peaceably enjoy the premises with all ways, waters, watercourses, easements, liberties, properties and advantages thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining forever, commencing possession at and from the 1st of November next ensuing the date hereof, they the said Thomas Mylrea and William Cain, their heirs and assigns yielding and paying yearly such annual Lord’s Rent as the Setting Quest shall proportion and settle on the premises with all other dues, duties, boons, suits and services due and payable yearly out of the premises at accustomed times and seasons, we the said Hugh Cowin and Ellinor Cowin als Shimin do hereby bind and oblige ourselve, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns against any manner of person or persons whatsoever claiming, suing, alleging or pretending to the contrary hereof in any wise, likewise to obtain the honourable Court’s confirmation hereof also to do or cause to be done all other things necessary in law for the said Thomas Mylrea and William Cain’s security and assurance of the property

For true and faithful performance hereof all the aforesaid parties herein concerned do hereby bind and oblige themselves their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in and under the penalty of fifty pounds sterling to be levied according to law. In witness whereof they have hereunto subscribed or added their marks to their names this 11th of October 1768. Hugh Cowin my mark X, Ellinor Cowin als Shimin my mark X, Thomas Mylrea my mark, William Cain

Signed and delivered in presence of us John Cottier my mark X, Matthew Shimin

November 22nd 1768 Hugh Cowin and Ellinor his wife acknowledged the withinwritten Bill of Sale to be their proper and voluntary act and deed and to have received the consideration therein mentioned. Before me Robert Heywood

We the Setting Quest of the Lord’s land of KK German do settle on this Bill of Sale the annual Lord’s Rent of nine pence and this we return as our verdict. As witness our names or marks this 24th April 1769. Thomas Mylchreest my mark X, Patrick Cowley my mark X, John Gell my mark X, Hugh Shimin

At a Baron or Sheading Court holden at Peeltown for Glenfaba Sheading the 1st day of May 1769 The beforegoing Bill of Sale being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same is therefore allowed of for and in the name of the most noble John Duke of Atholl and Charlotte Duchess of Atholl, Lord and Lady of the Mannon and confirmed by this Court. Dan Mylrea

[Ref SSS May 1769 #5]


  1. This is a family affair. William Cain was the husband of Isabel Mylrea, Thomas's daughter and only surviving child, baptised in 1735 whose baptismal entry also had the notation "Balla mi Claghyn"
  2. This purchase was not recorded in LV until after Thomas's death when it was noted that the adjacent treen of Sandal "the quest avouch that the name Wm Mylrea should have been Thomas Mylrea and he being now dead his said daughter with Wm Cain her husband is entered for the premes"
  3. William & Isabel married 1753 Braddan. William was from German to where they returned and tive children were born over nearly 20 years - Margaret 1755-1769, John Thomas 1759, Matthew 1764, Thomas 1769, William 1774
  4. Isabel's father, Thomas Mylrea, was evidently in a partnership with William Cain since all transactions since the marriage included the Cains
  5. In 1755, Thomas probably purchased the lands in Moaney Moar quarterland in the treen of Scarsdale by paying off the mortgages taken out by the Cain family. Thomas paid £100 and then in 1758 sold half of the estate back to William for £2
  6. When Thomas died 1774, he left to William Cain the amount he had paid for his half of the Moaney Moar estate (£2). Of course, when her mother died in 1785, Isabel inherited everything anyway
  7. In 1783, William &a Isabel along with Jane Mylrea als Karran made a charitable donation to the Church wardens of £2, and land on which to build an English school. It might well be the piece of land in this current contract

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