Settlement - 1722/3 (Douglas)

Whereas I Robert Joyner of Douglas within the Isle of Man and Margaret Joyner my wife having formerly promised in Contraction Bargain to our daughter Margaret Joyner and Robert Queeling her husband a certain parcel of ground or garden or platt situate, lying and being in the said town and adjoining and abutting to Mr William Kelly’s outhouses towards the south and to Mr Thomas Joyner’s stables towards the west and the Common street at the north and towards John Corris his dwelling houses and the other part of our garden towards the east as by the metes and bounds they are already set forth and agreed upon, in a direct line from the corner of John Corris his house towards Mr Kelly’s outhouse and for as much as the said Contraction Bargain was not then drawn, and that the said Robert Queeling is since dead yet being well satisfied to make a legal assurance to our said daughter Margaret and her children of the premises according to our former intent do now make the following Deed.

Therefore know all whom it may concern that I the said Robert Joyner and Margaret my wife out of the natural love, favour and affection which we have and do bear to our said daughter Margaret Queeling als Joyner and her children have given, granted, conveyed, settled, confirmed and gifted, and do by these presents give, grant, convey, settle, confirm and make a full, perfect and free Deed of Gift forever unto the said Margaret Queeling and her said children Richard, Robert, William and Susannah Queeling of all the said premises or parcel of ground or garden platt jointly betwixt the said Margaret Queeling and her children, pursuant to our intent at first promising the same being of such yearly Lord’s Rent as the Setting Quest shall allot and settle thereon

To have and to hold unto the said Margaret Queeling and her children, their heirs, executors and assigns the said parcel of ground forever without any manner of claim or demand to be made by me the said Robert Joyner or Margaret my wife to any the forementioned premises, they and every of them yielding and paying our honourable Lord’s Rents with all dues, duties and assessments payable at the times and seasons accustomed, provided nevertheless and it is hereby provided that I the said Robert Joyner and Margaret my wife, our heirs, executors and assigns shall have way and passage of four foot wide by the gable of John Corris his house to pass and repass on all occasions to the garden only notwithstanding the passage, it may be lawful for the said Margaret Queeling and her children to build at pleasure over the said way or passage

And for further assurance hereof, we the said Robert Joyner and Margaret my wife have put the said Margaret Queeling widow in possession of the one half of the said premises and the children in possession of the other half by the gift and delivery of one English shilling, according to usual form of proceeding in such cases

And for the true performance of all and singular the covenants and conditions mentioned in the beforegoing Deed of Gift I the said Robert Joyner and Margaret my wife do bind and oblige ourselves, heirs, executors and assigns in penalty and forfeiture of fifty pounds sterling to be levied according to law.

Witness our hands this 30th day of January 1722/3 Robert Joyner (seal), Margaret Joyner my mark X

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of William Cannell my mark W, Charles Killey

22nd November 1727 Robert Joyner and his wife came and have acknowledged the within and above Deed of Gift to be their free and voluntary act and deed. Before me Charles Moore

At a Sheading Court held at Douglas the 22nd day of November 1727 The beforegoing Deed of Gift being acknowledged before the Deemster and now published in open Court and no objection offered against it therefore the same is allowed of and confirmed according to law. Thomas Horton, James Horton, John Brownell, Dan Mylrea, Charles Moore, Nich Christian

[Ref: SSS Oct 1727 #17]


  1. Robert Joyner married Margaret Mallereigh 1685 in Braddan. They had three children: Margaret (1686), Charles (c1693), Emma (1700). A Robert Joyner (mariner) died in 1716 naming in his will siblings Charles, Margaret and Amy which more or less coincides with the family of Robert and Margaret, the names Emma and Amy being similar although Robert had no baptism record
  2. The Joyners (Robert & Margaret) might have been relatively wealthy. Robert inherited several allotments in Douglas from his father, William Joyner (b1628), and Margaret enjoyed a legacy of at least one allotment from her mother, Catharine. See for more detail from the1705 Survey of Douglas allotments involved [Robert 12/15, 13/09, 16/05] [Jane16/06,16/10] . The alloments were on (now) Barrack St
  3. Margaret married Robert Quillin in 1717. He died in 1722 and she then married Charles Cosnahan 1724
  4. Margaret was already a widow by the time this 1722 Settlement was made, her first husband having died 5 months previously, leaving her with 4 small children - Richard b1717, Robert b1718, William b1719, Susannah b1721
  5. Margaret married Charles Cosnahan 1724 in Lonan. He was a glover. She had three more children - Francis b1726, Charles b1727, Margaret b1728
  6. In 1730 Douglas: Margaret & Charles Cosnahan with 6 children (so either one child had died, or the oldest was elsewhere)
  7. Robert made a subsequent settlement on Charles Cosnahan in 1737 in exchange for care in his (Robert's) old age after the untimely death of Charles Joyner, Robert's only son
  8. At some stage, Margaret & Charles departed Douglas - MI, Santon: Margaret Cosnahan alias Quillian alias Joiner from Malew, buried the 11 March 1764
  9. Curiously both Robert and his daugher-in-law Joney Joyner als Clukas received handouts for the poor in 1730, counter intuitive since Robert had settled property on his son and daughter so recently
  10. NOTE: Be aware that cottage allotment numbers changed over time as Douglas expanded. Rent and neighbours are key elements in confirming whether the tenants (eg Robert Joyner) have changed properties or whether they have remained stable while the allotment number from one LA to the next has changed

Associated Documents

From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1716-1 E d JOYNER Robert heading dated 29 May 1716; Robt Joyner junr d in Guinea 15 Apr 1715 - sibs Charles, Margt + Amy jt admrs - security Mr Wm Murrey (Douglas) - son? (birth 1692 Onchan to Jon tho)

1730-1 E d JOYNER Charles d 14 dec; ch Jon, Robt, Ellinr + Charles all ua, uncle Charles Cosnahan jt supv with wife Jony als Clucas; claims; inv; debts - Court allows widow to mortgage houses -

1759-1 E d KILLEY Richard d 17 dec 1758; only dau Ellinor admx; pledges John Christian carpenter, Matth Christian butcher (both Douglas). Is this sister Jane's son?

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