NICHOLAS MYLREA jnr to Thomas Kermod

MORTGAGE - 1795 (Ballaugh)

Whereas William Kneen and Catherine his wife of the parish of Ballaugh now deceased, did by bond and security bearing date 16th May 1774 demise and mortgage a certain part of their Intack land situated in said parish known by the name of Ellan beg for the consideration money of twenty-four pounds Manks unto John Mylechreest of Peeltown who is now dead and has left Thomas Kermod of KK Marown, executor of his last will and testament, and the said Thomas Kermod has come to proposals to accept of a fresh Deed of Mortgage of the said premises from Nicholas Mylrea and his wife of the said parish of Ballaugh the present proprietor to prevent its becoming a lapsed mortgage and also I do order and desire that the said original Deed of Mortgage be cancelled on the manorial records where the same remains

Therefore know all men by these presents that I the said Nicholas Mylrea with the consent of Margaret Mylrea otherwise Kneen my wife for and in consideration of the sum of twenty-four pounds, being satisfied unto us as above mentioned, have given, granted, alienated, passed over and mortgaged and by these present do give, grant, alienate and mortgage unto the said Thomas Kermod all and singular that part of my Intack beforementioned called Ellan beg and adjoining Deemster Lace’s land on the east, Robert Brew’s land on the south, Robert Corlet’s land on the west and Thomas Corlet’s land on the north of such annual Lord’s Rent as the Setting Quest shall settle thereon

To have and to hold unto the said Thomas Kermod the mortgagee, his executors, administrators and assigns the said premes with all and every its ways, waters, watercourses, easements, liberties and appurtenances to the same belonging for and during the term of five years to be fully ended and completed, commencing from the sixteenth of May next and so on from year to year at after until the said sum of twenty-four pounds with all cost and charges attending this Deed of Mortgage be fully paid and satisfied, pursuant of the tenor of the Act of Settlement, provided nevertheless that the said mortgagor, our heirs and assigns is and are to occupy and reap the profits and issues of the said premes hereby binding and obliging ourselves our heirs and assigns to pay unto the said Thomas Kermod the mortgagee the interest of one shilling per pound yearly and upon the expiration of each and every year of this demise out of the said consideration money of twenty-four pounds, but in default and failure of such a payment of the said interest precisely upon the end of each and every year of this demise as the same becomes due that then it shall be lawful for the said mortgagee to enter upon the possession of the said premes and to have hold and enjoy the same from year to year afterewards, until the said principal sum with all interest behind and in arrear, and all cost and charges attending this Deed of Mortgage be fully repaid and satisfied, anything to the contrary notwithstanding

And for the faithful performance of all and singular the beforewritten deed of mortgage, we the said Nicholas Mylrea and Margaret Mylrea otherwise Kneen my wife do bind and oblige ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty of forty-eight pounds sterling

As witness our subscription this 28th April 1795 five. Nicholas Mylrea his X mark, Margaret Mylrea her X mark

Signed and delivered in presence of us. Philip Cannell his X mark, William Garrett

28th April 1795 Nicholas Mylrea and Margaret Mylrea the executing parties acknowledged the beforewritten Mortgage to be their act and deed and to be paid the consideration money. Before me John F Crellin

At a Court Baron holden in KK Michael for Michael sheading the 6th day of May 1795 the beforewritten Deed of Mortgage being acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against it the same is therefore allowed of and ordered to be recorded for the benefit of all persons concerned. John F Crellin

Seneschal’s office 20th March 1806 Cancelled by the annexed receipt and discharge Thomas Gawne (Seneschal)

[Ref: NSM May 1795 #21]


  1. Ballacorraige
  2. Nicholas Mylrea jnr & Margaret Kneen were married in 1774 and the young couple received (inter alia) this already-mortgaged field known as Ellan beg through their Marriage Contract as part of the contribution made by Margaret's parents.
  3. Margaret & Nicholas jnr clearly continued to use of Ellen beg, even though it was mortgaged. They repaid the mortgage in 1806, eleven years after it was originally established
  4. The field was sold in 1808 to Daniel Cowle for £86
  5. LV records mortgage Oct 1800

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