MARRIAGE CONTRACT - 1741 (Douglas)

Articles and covenants of marriage agreed and concluded upon by and between Mr John McYlwrath, merchant, in Douglas and Mary his wife for and in behalf of Miss Margaret McYlwrath their daughter on the one part and Mr Charles Wattleworth of the parish of KK Patrick for and in his own behalf on the other part are as follows:

First it is concluded and agreed upon by and between the contracting parties that the said Charles Wattleworth and Margaret McYlwrath shall proceed into the holy estate of matrimony within one month next ensuing, the date hereof God and the Holy Church permitting

Secondly it is agreed and concluded upon by and between the contracting parties that the said John McYlwrath and Mary his wife do hereby give, grant, estate and settle upon the said young couple and their issue the one half or moiety of all their houses, outhouses, edifices, buildings, yards, gardens and all other appurtenances to the same appertaining situate in Douglas together with the one half of all their personallys of what kind or denomination soever in immediate possession and the other half of all their estate or estates as well real or personal after the death or decease of the said John McYlwrath or Mary his wife, free and debtless without any encumbrance whatsoever.

Thirdly it is agreed and concluded upon by and between the contracting parties and the said Charles Wattleworth and Margaret McYlwrath for and in lieu and consideration of the second article do hereby bind and oblige themselves to pay or cause to be paid unto Rebecca McYlwrath within one twelve month of her intermarriage when the same happens, by and with the advice, consent and assent of her parents being the younger daughter, the full and just sum of sixty pounds currency of this Isle in full of her filial portion and in case the said Rebecca dies without lawful issue to enjoy then the said sum is to revert to and become payable to the young couple or their issue. And in case the said Mary McYlwrath happens to survive her said husband John McYlwrath then she is to be maintained with all necessaries suitable to one of her calling by the said young couple or otherwise a component allowance amounting to twenty pounds per annum.

Fourthly it is agreed and concluded upon by and between the contracting parties that if in case the said Margaret McYlwrath happen to die without issue to enjoy the premises mentioned in the second article, then a moiety thereof is to be at the disposition of the Charles Wattleworth and the same is to be enjoyed by him.

Fifthly it is agreed and concluded upon by and between the contracting parties and the said Charles Wattleworth doth hereby bind and oblige himself to live and reside at Douglas along with the said John McYlwrath, to post and keep the said John McYlwrath’s accounts and to be aiding and assisting him in that respect to the utmost of his power in all his concerns of what nature or kinds soeve,r and also that he will not sell or mortgage any part of his estate of Knockaloe without the consent and ........ of the said John McYlwrath.

Ans for the true and faithful performance hereof and of all and singular the covenants, clauses and agreements herein mentioned and expressed, all the beforenamed contracting parties viz John McYlwrath, Mary his wife, Charles Wattleworth and Margaret McYlwrath do hereby bind and oblige themselves, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in penalty and forfeiture of one thousand pounds sterling to be levied and paid according to law.

In witness whereof they have hereunto subscribed their names and affixed their seals this 13th day of April anno die 1741.

John McYlwrath, Mary McYlwrath her mark X, Charles Wattleworth, Margaret McYlwrath my mark X

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of the word (out) first interlined Philip Christian, Robert Cubon

10th June 1741 Mr Charles Wattleworth and Margaret McYlwrath acknowledged the within and above Articles of Marriage to be their voluntary act and deed. Philip Christian and Robert Cubbon the subscribing witnesses made oath that John McYlwrath deceased and Mary McYlwrath his wife duly executed the same in their presence. This before me John Taubman

At a Sheading holden at Douglas the 12th October 1741 The beforegoing Articles of Marriage being acknowledged and proved before the Deemster and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against them are therefore allowed of and confirmed according to law. John Murray, Charles Stanley, John Quayle, William Christian, Dan Mylrea, John Taubman

[Ref SSS Oct 1741 #42]


  1. Margaret McYlwrath was the older daughter of John McYlwrath & Mary his wife
  2. John McYlwrath was a cooper with no detectable past. He was described as a merchant in this document
  3. He committed suicide about 6 weeks after this Marriage Contract was made
  4. Charles came from Patrick where he possessed an estate named Knockaloe which (for some reason) John McYlwrath obliged Charles not to sell, at the same time commanding him to live in Douglas and be his accountant
  5. To impose a penalty of £1,000 on a party to the Contract who defaulted signified that what was entailed was of very significant value
  6. Four children were recorded from the marriage between Margaret and Charles Wattleworth: Margaret (1741-1756), Charles (1746-1764), John (1747-1764), Richard (1749)
  7. Margaret died 1753 in Patrick, and daughter Margaret a few years after that
  8. Charles snr died 1758 in Malew. When Charles snr died, his oldest son Charles jnr accused the executors of his father's will of being dishonest. Charles jnr ran away to sea and died in the West Indies. His younger brother John died later the same year (1764)

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