Articles of Marriage covenanted and agreed by upon by and between John Callister of Ballasalley for and in the behalf of his son John Callister on the one part and Elizabeth McYlrea als Bridson for and in the behalf of her daughter Elinor Mylrea upon the other party as …. First, it is agreed upon that John and Elinor Mylrea shall meet together at the parish church of KK Malew within the space of one month and there be joined in the holy estate of matrimony God and Holy Church permitting Secondly it is agreed upon between the above named parties that the above said John Callister doth give unto his said son John Callister all his houses and lands as heir after my death free without any incumberances as my father left it unto myself. Thirdly, it is agreed upon between the parties that the above said Elizabeth Bridson doth promise and give unto her daughter Elinor Mylrea all her worldly goods unto the said John Callister and his intended wife doth bind and oblige themselves to take care of her during her natural life. Lastly and for performance of all the above covenants and conditions all parties have bound themselves in the penalty or forfeiture of twenty pounds the one half to the Right Honourable Lord of this Isle and the other half to the party performing.

In witness whereof they have hereunto set their names and marks this 10th of November 1722

Witnesses present John Cunny his mark X, John Corris his mark X

John Callister snr his mark X, Elizabeth Mylrea her mark X, John Callister, Elinor Mylrea her mark X

October 22nd 1726 John Callister snr came this day and hath acknowledged these Articles of Marriage as far as he is concerned to be his act and deed before me. Cha Moore

February 24th 1725 The within Marriage Contract being proved before the Deemster, it is accepted for the last will of Elizabeth Mylrea als Bridson and her son in law is sworn in form of law.

Probatum est et solvit

Pledges John Cottiman and Henry Costean Copia vera …… J.Woods Reg Exp

The original delivered to the Ext to be recorded in the Castle for the security of the houses and lands his father being yet living. J.Woods Reg Exp

[Ref: SSS Oct 1728 #23]


  1. Ballasalley
  2. Elinor was the youngest daughter of John McYlrea & Elizabeth als Bridson, who married 1684. Father died 1699
  3. Only brother John inherited the family estate via a Settlement in 1718. He was by then living in Dublin and working as a tailor. He sold the family estate in 1735 and probably never returned to the Isle of Man
  4. Elinor had three older sisters at the time of her father's death but apart from her mother's reference to her "youngest" daughter in the 1718 Settlement, they remain invisible
  5. Her mother, Elizabeth McYlrea als Bridson, died 1726 and this Marriage Contract served as her will, a sign perhaps that the other three sisters had died
  6. Father-in-law John Callister snr died 1729
  7. Elinor died 1777: had children Edward, John, William, Isabel
  8. There is much about the Malew Mylreas of the 1600s and early 1700s that does not hang together so extreme caution must be exercised
  9. For further insights into the Malew Mylreas, please refer to Mylreas in Ballaquaile and Fildraw

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