PURCHASE - 1806 (Lonan)

Know all men by these presents that I William Croghan of KK Lonan with the full and free consent and assent of my wife Mary Croghan als Quirk for and in consideration of the full and just sum of thirty pounds currency of this Isle to be paid unto me on the twelfth day of November next ensuing the date hereof at, by and from the hands of David Mylroie of said parish of KK Lonan

Have given, granted, alienated and sold and by these presents do give, grant, alienate, quit claim and forever absolutely sell unto him the said David Mylroie, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns all of my field known and commonly called by the name of Magher e close as the same is now fenced joining Ballacowin on the south-west, and the said David Mylroie’s own land on the north

To have and to hold unto him the said David Mylroie, his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns the premises aforesaid with all ways, waters and watercourses, easements, liberties, properties and advantages to the same appertaining, yielding and paying such annual Lord’s Rent as they the Setting Quest shall settle thereon all

And for the true and faithful performance hereof mutually bind and oblige ourselves, heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty of sixty pounds to be levied and paid according to law.

As witness our subscription this 26th day of August 1806. William Crohhan his X mark, Mary Croghan her X mark.

Signed and delivered in presence of Patrick Killey, John Quayle

Douglas 7th March 1807 William Croghan and Mary Croghan duly acknowledged this instrument to be their act and deed. Before me John Cosnahan

At a Court Baron holden in Douglas for Middle Sheading and the Abbey lands the 25th October 1811 the before written Deed having been acknowledged before an High Bailiff and now openly published in Court and no objection offered against the same is ordered to be recorded. John Moore

[Ref: NSS Oct 1811 #26]


  1. ALL COLBY - Close Moar
  2. On this day, David jnr sold a parcel of Intack land to Thomas Cowin & Thomas Cowin sold six fields to David jnr
  3. David jnr was the older son of David Mylroie snr & Margaret Kermott als Killey, baptised 1762. His father settled the family estate [Close Moar] on him in 1781. It had been part of the Marriage Contract between David & Margaret, given by Margaret's family in 1755 although David snr subsequently acquired other holdings to expand the Close Moar estate, this being one of them
  4. David jnr married Catherine Quayle 10 January 1789. Possibly nine children, six surviving to adulthood: James (1793-1839), Thomas (1797-? ) William (1803-1848), Daniel (1808-1900) Robert (1811-1869), Margaret (1790-1851)
  5. William Croghan was a neighbour mentioned in his purchase of land tenancy from Cowin in 1803
  6. In 1817, David's son James purchased another small tenancy of Croghan land
  7. David jnr settled the family estate upon his oldest son James in 1829
  8. David jnr also made a Settlement on his youngest son Robert in 1833, perhaps because this son cared for his parent in their old age
  9. Catherine Mylroie als Quayle died 1834
  10. Oldest son James unfortunately died before his father and the lands settled on him by his father were transmitted to James's oldest son Thomas who passed it on to hiis son Joseph
  11. Lonan parish registers from the early 1700s are far from complete so extreme caution must be exercised when attempting to draw conclusions about these families and their relationships

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