ASSIGNMENT - 1769 (Ballaugh)

Whereas by Deed bearing date the twenty-first day of April which was in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and sixty-six Thomas Cowley of the parish of Ballaugh and Isabel his wife did for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds currency of this Isle to them in hand paid by Daniel Mylrea of Castletown on behalf of Mrs Rose Mylrea of Peel grant, demise and mortgage to the said Daniel Mylrea for the use of the said Rose Mylrea all that and those parcels of ground and premises situate, lying and being in the said parish of Ballaugh known by the names of Ballnecrotty, the Close Reii and a small enclosure thereunto adjoining which several parcels of land bear the annual Lord’s rent of thirteen shillings and two pence halfpenny to have unto him the said Daniel Mylrea, his executors and assigns for the use aforesaid until repayment of the sum of one hundred pounds with all arrears of interest that might become due thereon as in and by the said in part recited Deed may more fully and at large appear and whereas Mrs Ann Moore of the parish of Jurby widow has agreed to advance and pay unto the said Daniel Mylrea the said sum of one hundred pounds with all arrears of interest due thereon upon his assigning and transferring unto her the said Ann Moore the said Deed of Mortgage and the premises thereby demised.

Therefore know all men by these presents that I Daniel Mylrea by and with the consent and approbation of the said Rose Mylrea testified by her being a party hereto and signing and delivering these presents for and in consideration of the said principal sum of one hundred pounds in the said Deed of Mortgage mentioned and all arrears of the interest due thereon to me in hand paid or secured to be paid before the attestation of these presents at, by and from the said Ann Moore do assign, transfer and make over unto the said Ann Moore all that the said Deed of Mortgage that therein and thereon demised, charged and encumbered and all arrears of interest due thereon, to have and to hold unto her the said Ann Moore her executors, administrators and assigns in as effectual manner to all intents and purposes whatsoever as the said Daniel Mylrea and Rose Mylrea or either of us might or could hold and enjoy the same by force and virtue of the said Deed of Mortgage and under the like conditions and restrictions as therein are mentioned and for the true and faithful performance of the foregoing Deed of Assignment I the said Daniel Mylrea and the said Rose Mylrea do bind and oblige ourselves, our heirs and assigns in and under the penalty of two hundred pounds to be levied according to law as witness our subscription this 29th day of July 1769. Dan Mylrea, Rose Mylrea

Signed and delivered in presence of us Hugh Caine, John Lace

September 20th 1769 Daniel Mylrea esq acknowledged the before written Deed of Assignment to be his proper and voluntary act and deed and John Lace one of the subscribing witnesses thereto made oath upon the Holy Evangelist that he was personally by and present when Rose Mylrea signed and executed the same. Before me J.P. (?) Heywood

I the within named Rose Mylrea do hereby acknowledge to have received from Mrs Ann Moore the before mentioned sum of one hundred pounds and all arrears of interest, costs and charges due thereon and do therefore acquit, exonerate and discharge the said Ann Moore of and from the same as witness my name this day of August 1769. Rose Mylrea

Witness thereto James Wilks, Daniel Mylrea, Philip Moore

Cancelled by virtue of the receipt and discharge of the assignee of the original mortgage in this assignment named, acknowledged before the Deemster and annexed to the original deed dated 21st April 1766 this 14th day of June 1775. By me William Callow (Seneschal)

At a Baron or Sheading Court holden at Peeltown for Michael sheading the 3rd day October 1769 the before written deed of assignment being proved and acknowledged before the Deemster and now openly published in court and no objection offered against it the same is therefore allowed of, for and in the name and behalf of the most noble John Duke of Athol and Charlotte Duchess of Athol, Lord and Lady of the Manor confirmed by this court Dan Mylrea

[Ref NSM Oct 1769 #91]


  1. Rose Savage married Thomas Mylrea in Patrick in 1743. They were recorded as having eight children of whom four were alive when Thomas died, another died soon after
  2. Rose's family were influential merchants; Thomas's was the Deemster/Archdeacon/Attorney General line of Mylreas although Thomas was also an influential merchant
  3. Daniel Mylrea (Deemster) was the brother of Thomas Mylrea, merchant of Peel, and Rose's brother-in-law
  4. Daniel Mylrea (Deemster) was charged in the 1759 will of his brother Thomas with the responsibility of ensuring the family's finances were well taken care of
  5. After Thomas died in 1759, Rose went to live in Ireland with daughter Rose. Son Daniel b1750 might also have gone. Son Thomas b1756 joined the British Navy
  6. This particular Deed is an Assignment of an earlier mortgage (1766) , both transactions probably the result of Daniel's obligations unter Thomas's will to manage Rose's financial affairs
  7. Rose's son Thomas died in 1781
  8. Son Daniel was the major beneficiary of his bachelor uncle's 1775 will (Daniel the Deemster), and received the Mylrea family estate the Dollough as legacy, which he promptly sold off in parcels for a total of about £3,000
  9. Rose's son Daniel became a man of legendary proportions in later years as a result of his heroism during the wreck of the Harpooner in 1816
  10. Rose died in 1791, in Ireland, at the age of about 70

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