SWAP - 1707 (Ballaugh)

Whereas I Daniel McYlrea Deemster having a small parcel of Quarterland commonly called Garrett’s Croft that ... a little remote and in the middle of my neighbour Jon Craine’s his land and I the said Jon Craine having also a small parcel of Quarterland called the Claddagh that has by .... .... and joins to the Deemster’s land on the north and west and southward till it joins to the garden Garrett formerly had when he lived in the aforesaid Croft and so along by or until the south cop or hedge of the pres... land there where the river ran till of late each piece or parcel being .... a day’s plowing and situate in the parish of Ballaugh have for the convenience of us both exchanged the said pieces or parcels ... the said exchange have made no alternation in the rents, fines, suits and services but each of us bearing his own rent and fine as formerly.

Therefore know all men that we the aforesaid Daniel McYlrea and Margaret my wife and also I the aforesaid Jon Craine all of us of Ballaugh parish have by these presents given, granted, bargained, passed over and exchanged and do by these presents give, grant, bargain, pass over and forever absolutely exchange the before named .... unto one another that is to say Jon Craine to have the parcel called Garret’s Croft and Daniel McYlrea to have the Claddagh with all easements, liberties, watercourses and advantages unto them appertaining within the boundaries aforesaid ... the .... shop, hinderances, disturbances, .................................... of us the aforesaid Daniel McYlrea and Jon Craine, our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns or any person or persons whatsoever claiming from by or under us or either of us by any of our ............. ..... or procurement had or made in the behalf of the Right Honourable Lord of the Soyle only excepted and we the said Dan McYlrea and Jon Craine do covenant with one another to procure the worshipful officer’s confirmation to this Bill of Exchange and to do and perform all other thing or things for one another’s better or further security in the premises according to the purport true and honest meaning hereof and to this we bind ourselves our heirs, executors, administrators and assigns in the penalty and forfeiture of forty pounds sterling, half to the Right Honourable the Lord of this Isle and the other part to the party keeping or performing bargain. In testimony hereof we have caused our names and marks to be put to this 24th of September 1707. Dan Mylrea, Margaret Mylrea her mark X, Jon Craine my mark E

Signed and delivered in presence of us Thomas Corlett, William Corlett, William Sayle my mark E, William McNameer my mark E

At a Sheading Court holden at Peeltown October 14th 1707 the before named Mr Deemster Mcylrea and Jon Craine came into Court and acknowledged the before going Bill of Exchange to be their voluntary act and deed and that the interlineations in the first.... in these words viz (with all easements, liberties, watercourses and advantages unto them appertaining) was done by their own consents therefore the same is allowed of and confirmed according to law. Robert Mawdsley, Chris Parker, Wm Sedden

[Ref: NSS Ballaugh #28]


  1. Deemster/Archdeacon/MHK/Attorney General line; Dollough estate
  2. Daniel McYlrea, oldest surviving son of William McYlrea and Ann Christian, was baptised 1655, Ballaugh; married Margaret Curlett als Parr in 1679
  3. Father William was the parish Captain of Ballaugh; Daniel was Attorney General 1690-1695, and Deemster 1695-1724
  4. This Mylrea family had been in possession of the Dollough estate for well over a century by the time Daniel was born. As the oldest son, he inherited the estate and did so through his Marriage Contract; Daniel subsequently made a Deed of Settlement on son Daniel, 1709, to continue line of succession process of the Dollough estate
  5. This particular contract brough the field known as the Claddagh into the Dollough estate. It was sold in 1777 for £70 when the was broken up by Daniel's great grand son

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