ASSIGNMENT - 1876 (Malew)

Whereas William Corrin of Ballajorrey in the parish of Malew and William Corrin his son did grant and pass their Deed of Bond and Security dated the eighth day of May 1874 for the sum of twenty-five pounds to Daniel Mylroi of Laxey secured upon all and singular a house and premises in … Malew Street in the town of Castletown therein particularly described to have and to hold unto the said Daniel Mylroie, his executors, administrators and assigns in security until repayment of the said sum of twenty-five pounds with interest, costs and charges as therein set forth.

And whereas the said Daniel Mylroie has agreed to assign the said Deed of Bond and Security (at the request of the said Corrins, the grantors thereof) and of the said McClement unto John McClement of Balla-duggan, Malew in consideration of the said principal sum of twenty-five pounds together with interest, costs and charges which he the said Mylroi doth hereby acknowledge to have this day received at the hands of the said McClement

Now therefore know all men by these presents that the said Daniel Mylroi at the request of the said William Corrin and William Corrin his son and of the said McClement (testified by their executing these presents) doth grant, transfer and assign unto the said John McClement all and singular the said Deed the said John McClement, his executors, administrators or assigns for any deficiency of the property given in security by the said Deed of Bond and Security but that the said Daniel Mylroi, his executors and administrators are exonerated and discharged from all liability or responsibility in the premises in as full and ample a manner to all intents and purposes as if the said Daniel Mylroi had cancelled the said Deed of Bond and Security upon record instead of assigning the same. In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto subscribed their names this eighteenth day of November 1876. Daniel Mylroi, William Corrin, William Corrin, John McClements

Signed and delivered in presence of Robert S. Stephen, Fred Browne

At Douglas this 18th November 1876 Robert Swan Stephen one of the subscribing witnesses to the execution of the foregoing assignment and who is personally known to me made oath on the Holy Evangelist that Daniel Mylroi, William Corrin, William Corrin and John McClement the executing parties thereto duly signed the same in his presence and in presence of Frederick Browne, the other subscribing witness. Before me Samuel Harris, High Bailiff of Douglas

Registry Office for Deeds 18 day of November 1876 I certify that the foregoing Deed was this day at the hour of three o’clock afternoon received by me at this Office for the purpose of being registered and recorded according to law and that the same is duly registered, recorded and entered in the Requisition Book eight, page 212, No. 2741. Samuel Harris, Registrar

[Ref: Nov 1876 #73 Malew]


  1. Laxey Glen - Glen Road
  2. Daniel Mylroie was the son of David Mylroie jnr & Catherine Quayle, and baptised in 1805
  3. Daniel married Mary Ann Teare in Patrick in 1829, and they had 8 children although only 3 daughters and 1 son were mentioned in Daniel's will
    • John 1830 a builder married Sarah Ball. He died a few days after his father
    • Mary Ann 1833, had a child out of wedlock, married James Lawson, a miner
    • Ann, no baptismal record, 1836ish married Robert Corlett, a miner
    • Thomas 1840-1855
    • Margaret 1841
    • Catherine 1842, married Joseph Cannell, a miner
    • Lenora 1844
    • Isabella 1845-1849
  4. After Mary Ann died in 1871, Daniel remarried, to Jane Lowry March 10 1874 in Castletown
  5. Daniel was a shoemaker by trade but did very well in his business life. He had properties and was a money lender
  6. The documentation of Daniel's original Deed of Bond and Security with the Corrins has not survived

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