SETTLEMENT - 1740 (Arbory)

To all Christian people to whom these presents may come

Know ye that I Cath Quayle als Clark, widow, of the parish of KK Arbory for and in consideration of the great love and affection which I have and do bear towards my loving daughter Alice Quayle of the said said parish who is my only aid and support now in my old ………… and superannuated days have given, granted, passed over and gifted and do by these presents give, grant and pass over by way of a Deed of Gift all my right, title, property and interest belonging to me in or unto a certain parcel of houses and land situate in KK Arbory aforesaid called Bells Croft and the Mountain Croft joining to Ballagawn's land to Ballanygreaney’s land and to Jane? Camishe's land of the annual Lord’s Rent of 1 shilling 2 pence or thereabouts, to have and to hold unto her my said daughter and her heirs, executors and assigns the before granted premises with all ways, waters and watercourses, easements, liberties, profits, advantages, …………… anywise belonging or appertaining to the same, yielding and paying the annual rent aforesaid with all other dues. duties, suits and services encumbent on the premises at the usual times and seasons accustomed and I the said Cath Quayle als Clark do covenant and promise to secure and defend my said daughter Alice Quayle, her executors and assigns in the peaceable and quiet possession of the premises and to awarrant and uphold the same against all persons pretended claims thereunto and….. ….. the said Alice Quayle’s name to …………. ............further engage to do, perform, execute and fulfil …. any or further act, deed or instrument that the said Alice Quayle shall think necessary or that shall be requisite in law to strengthen these presents which to all intents and purposes is an absolute conveyance of all my right and title of the premises by way of a Deed of Gift which I now have or hereafter shall or may have to the same and do hereby deliver the same unto her my said daughter by the delivery of a piece of silver and this in penalty of four pounds.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my name and mark and affixed my seal this first day of October 1740. Cath Quayle als Clark my mark X

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of us Jane Kewley my mark X, Robert Quayle

It is hereby further agree that the said Alice Quayle doth hereby oblige herself in consideration of the above houses and lands to look to, take care, and maintain her said mother Cath Quayle als Clark after a decent and Christian manner during her life time and she in the penalty ......... …… name and mark the day and date above said. Alice Quayle my X

Witnesses present John Quirk my X, Robert Quayle

1st October 1740 Catharine Quayle als Clark came this day and acknowledged the beforegoing Deed of Gift to be her voluntary act and deed Alice Quayle her daughter acknowledged the above agreement to be her voluntary act and deed viz in taking care of her mother and maintaining her with meat, drink, washing and lodging during her natural life. This before me, John Taubman

[Ref: SSS .... #76]


  1. Cath Quayle als Clark gave her daughter Alice houses and lands in exchange for a lifetime of care. Cath was buried 31st March, 1741 six months after this Settlement was made.
  2. Her husband Hugh was buried on 22 August 1740 and this Settlement was made about six weeks after his death
  3. The Deed of Gift was not insignificatn with an annual rent of 1s 2d so Alice was an heiress
  4. Alice married Edward Mylrea in Arbory in November, 1741, nine months after her mother died
  5. Edward was probably the youngest son of Eleanor Mylrea als Quayle who died in Ballaugh 1733
  6. This Settlement on Alice might have laid the foundations of the fortunes of Alice and her Mylrea family for there is no evidence that Edward brought anything to the marriage
  7. In 1774, Edward purchased land from Alice's dying brother, John, and sold it in 1778
  8. Edward bought and sold other lands in 1778 & 1779 so perhaps he had land in his own right
  9. Both Edward & Alice died in 1786. They had one surviving child, Edward baptised 1743, who married Susannah Cashen
  10. Edward jnr & Susannah migrated to Peel before the death of Edward's parents. In Peel a new Mylrea dynasty was established
  11. Edward's 1786 will mentions a grandson also named Edward who would have been the oldest son of Edward jnr & Susannah, and although there is no record of baptism for this child, he is likely to be the Edward Mylrea living in Liverpool and working as a shipwright in the late 1700s

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From Summary of Wills, A Manx Notebook

1740-2 E w QUAYLE Hugh [bur 22 Aug 1740]; son John exec,daus ? Isabel, Ellinor, Alice

1741-1 A 47 QUAYLE Catherine dau Ellinor, Isabel, Alice; witt John Corrin, Alice Clague; Alice Clague dangerously ill

1774-3 E w QUAYLE John d 1 Oct 1774; late Malew; bro-i-law Edwd Mylrea exor

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